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Go to Thai as an Exchange Student

Hello everyone. I'm shunya.

This blog is about my Exchange Studies :)

In this Aug, I stayed Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology (SIIT) for about 3 weeks. Perhaps this Exchange Studies period is shorter than the period as known general. I think so too, and the period was too short for me in fact.

I had decided my goals I want to achieve in Thai before I went to Thai because I wanted learn Thai students' activity, English, and Thai cultures. It is simple. Talking with them in English only, and making some friends.

As a result, I achieved my goals. Also I could get a lot of valuable experiences. Perhaps it will be hard to get these experiences on just a trip. I think you can get it on just an exchange studies. If you want to know it, Please come to me :)

Perhaps I will be back again Thai as presenter on international conference on Nov. 555

Though I don't decide the stay period yet.

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