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Thai - Singapore training Program

Hello, inocchi here.

I adventured Thai and Singapore for 10 days during last Spring holidays.

This is not Laboratory activity, but I think that the article like this one will help deeply understand about Laboratory's atmosphere and members.


This is the scene of PBL in KMITL. In PBL, we discussed an application to support gap of taste when Japanese eat Thai food. I was so happy when my idea was adopt as the theme in PBL, and this experience gave me confidence regarding communicating by English, project-management skill, creativity and so on.


Finally, thanks to my group members we won a prize.

Thank you so much my buddies!


In Singapore, I explored Metropolis.

There are many companies in Metropolis, I visited some companies.

I think this place is so good environment as working place because I found many buildings, work-spaces and outdoors well designed to be able to enjoy working.

Although it is important things, it seems it is so fun for them to work.

I think I can't see the scene like this in Japan.


At April 16 - 17th, I gave the presentation regarding this program. I think that the goal of this presentation is to motivate the audience so that they will want to do anything regarding international exchange.


Finally, we could do it.

Although I joined in this program as the leader, it was so wonderful experience.

I want to go Thai and Singapore again.

Maybe, I will go to Thai so that I will study abroad for short period.

Although nobody knows yet.

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