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7/9 Pedro's Farewell Party


On July 9, we held a farewell party for our international student, Pedro! We presented him with a gift and interacted with him in our laboratory.

Not only members of Shikida Lab, but also Pedro's friends and first and second year students who interacted with lab members attended the farewell party, and we were able to send Pedro off happily! 😊

As the farewell party was held at the Corona Disaster, we had to take all necessary precautions to prevent infection. We asked all the participants to undergo a medical checkup beforehand and to keep a reasonable distance from each other and to wear masks when interacting with each other.

During the party, we grilled takoyaki (octopus dumplings) and ate them together after taking all necessary precautions against infection. I was surprised at how well Pedro and the other international students were able to cook the takoyaki.

As gifts, our lab members sent a collection of notes, coasters with Kochi patterns, and folding fans.

Professor Shikida also presented chopsticks. Pedro was very happy with both gifts!

Thank you very much, Pedro-kun, for the three short months you have been with us. 😊

Pedro-kun was always handsome and kind. He even served homemade Spanish food to the lab members. He went cycling🚴 with lab members, played basketball⛹️ and interacted with us a lot.

I hope this farewell party was one of your fondest memories in Japan!

We are the Shikida Lab family! Let's work hard for each other even after you go back to Spain!











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